Servicing & Pre Trip Inspections

Caravan Axle and Chassis Servicing is the most important part of your caravan maintenance schedule. Literally thousands of caravaners in Australia hit the road each year only to be cut short because of lack of maintenance.

We suggest servicing your van every 10,000 kms or once a year.

A complete chassis service for a caravan consists of a complete dismantlement of all running gear. A thorough inspection of all components, change any worn or suspect parts and clean and assemble everything using quality grease. All grease seals are changed. The brakes are checked for function and adjusted as necessary. All suspension and shock absorbers are checked and replaced if found faulty. A thorough visual inspection of the chassis can pick up any faults. The handbrake is adjusted and handbrake cable inspected for frays. The coupling peg, (the adjusting nut on top of the coupling), is adjusted if necessary and all clearance lights are checked and repaired if faulty.

We also carry out Pre Trip Inspections.

A Pre Trip Inspection is a full caravan services and a thorough check over of all Appliances, Accessories, Batteries, and Charge Systems etc so when you hit the road you are confident that your caravan is ready and working as it should.

Chassis Modification & Repairs

Complete RV services are resourced to carry out minor and major chassis work.

A common conversion is over-ride braked axles to electric brakes. This gives the driver more control over the braking of the caravan and also makes AL-KO Electronic Stability Control an option.

Chassis modification and spring/shock absorber fitment and replacement can also be carried out.

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