If you have the perfect caravan, but it needs a little TLC then Complete RV Services can help you to restore your caravan to its former glory at a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a new one. Refurbishing old caravans is what we do and we can even suggest some up to date upgrades that may suit your travel style.

When it comes to caravan restoration and renovation there are some crucial steps that must be carried out to ensure everything is covered. Although it looks like anyone could slap a coat of paint on an old van and make it look new, Complete RV services go well beyond the visual checks.

Most old vans are a steel frame with wooden interior and carpentry and then covered in the good old corrugated aluminium. Water leaks in these vans are common and can cause major damage to framework, stability and electrics.

At Complete RV services, we go deeper into the internals of your caravan and ensure that wiring is up to date, water leaks are sealed and all damaged timbers are replaced giving you a new foundation on your retro van.

Feel free to call us on 0423 384 873 for your custom caravan restorations & modifications to suit your budget in Sydney.

After the common issues solved, we offer caravan installations of appliances such as satellite dish and TV aerials, air conditioners, water heaters, annexes, and awnings to your old van. Just because you like a touch of the classics doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable.

Quite often a person will make the decision they want a new caravan because their caravan does not have a Hot Water System or a shower or a big fridge etc. Why waste money on an entirely new van when we can refurbish your existing van to exactly how you want it.

Caravan Renovation Services in Sydney

Caravan renovation doesn’t have to blow the budget. You can get a great level of convenience and comfort for a relatively small price. Complete RV services make the renovation of your caravan easy and convenient with modifications to suit your budget in Sydney. Things such as a bubble gauge to make it easier to level your van, and shade cloth sides for your awnings to keep out the harsh aussie sun in summer are both things that are not only costs effective but extremely useful on your next trip.

If you have a little more to spend on some creature comforts you could consider adding some solar panels for charging in the bush and also some additional water tanks. If you like to adventure away from your caravan we can also fit bike racks to carry a second mode of transport.

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