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Caravan Solar SystemWith modern technology we are beginning to become more and more reliant on power for Phones, computers, internet and probably the most important appliance, your fridge.

At Complete RV we specialise in installing all Caravan and Motorhome related power products.

Solar Panels and Batteries are one of our most common electrical installs. We can fit out a complete stand alone solar and battery arrangement so you can literally be self sufficient when it comes to power, or we can fit an ample system just to keep you powered up while you carry out an overnight stay in between parks. We also fit inverters which convert your 12 volt house battery into useable 240 volt mains power like you have at home.

Dual Battery systems, isolators and car to caravan charging systems are part of our usual routine.

We can cater for those with Off Road Caravans or Camper Trailers who sometimes require more rugged and portable Solar and 12 volt gear.

We can customise a package to suit ant requirements.

Give us and call and we will run you through your options.


EF2400is Inverter GeneratorGenerators are used to supply 240 volt mains power, the same as what you have at home to supply power to all your appliances.

There are times when Battery Power is just not up to the task of running certain high power appliances such as Air Conditioners, Microwaves, and Toasters etc. This is when Generators are used to supply power.

Most people who are serious about free camping, (camping without 240 mains power), will have a generator as well as a good battery bank and solar panels. The generator can be used to run certain appliances like the Air Conditioner when required and also to charge your Caravan or Vehicle batteries. This is particularly useful in overcast conditions when your solar panels don’t have the capacity to replace the power being drawn from them so the generator supplies the power to re charge your batteries.

Generators Range

Complete RV services are distributers for Yamaha Generators.

Yamaha produce among the best small engines in the world as recognised by their motorcycles and outboard boat motors.

Yamaha’s range of 4 stroke petrol powered inverter generators run new technology and deliver a stable pure sine wave power source suitable for powering even the most delicate of electrical goods such as lap top computers and charging tablets etc. On the other end of the scale the generators are still capable of powering high resistive loads such as Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Power tools and welders etc. Yamaha generators have been acoustically engineered to block as much noise as possible being manufactured from noise absorbing materials and utilising various insulations to provide virtually silent running.

EF1000is 1000 watt pure sine inverter generator suited for camping or Caravans without Air Conditioners.

EF2000is 2000 watt pure sine inverter generator suited for Caravan and Motorhome use. Although this generator can power an Air Conditioner it would be on its limit while plugged into a caravan and running other circuits which are automatically activated whilst connected to 240 volt power like the Battery Charger, appliance standby lights and display screens.

EF2400is 2400 watt pure sine wave generator suited to Caravan or Motorhome use with Air Conditioners. This is our pick as the perfect generator for most applications.

EF2800i 2800 watt pure sine wave inverter generator suited to large Caravan and Motorhome use with Air Conditioning. Great value

EF3000ise 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter generator suited to running large Caravans, Motorhomes or Fifth wheels with all modern appliances. Electric start with the option of a remote start makes for simple starting without having to access the generator.

There are other models available. Please contact us for more information.

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