Hail is one of those weather events that you’ll eventually experience, whether it be on the road or while your van is parked up waiting for your next trip. Hail does not need to be huge to cause unsightly dents along the sides and over the roof of your new caravan and although they rarely cause any structural damage, it will negatively impact your caravan or motorhome resale value.

Complete RV services offer a full caravan hail damage repairs services in Sydney, where we can assess the damage and replace all damaged panels for restoring your caravan or motorhome back to its former glory. We have a qualified team that specialises in the repair and replace any type of hail damaged caravan and can take you through the entire process. Take a look at the following thoughts points before caravan hail damage repair work:

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Insurance Coverage - Do You Have Enough?

Most caravan insurance companies will cover hail, but you’ll want to make sure they cover the full replacement of your damaged panels. Most panels cannot be saved or dents simply “popped: out which means we completely remove all fixtures and damages panels and replace them with brand new ones. We then refit all your fixtures including windows, air conditioners and lights giving you back a near new van.

We work with all insurance companies making this process easy and pain free.

What’s cladding options for your caravan restoration?

You may find that there is more than one option for replacement of cladding. Our team of specialists will take you through the available cladding options for your caravan restoration and we can help you pick out the one that’s right for you. You never know, there may be a silver lining to that dark, hail storm. You may find you can have a whole new look of your caravan by just updating your cladding.
Here are caravan cladding options available:

  • External Cladding
  • Aluminium Cladding
  • Plastic Cladding and more!

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