Nobody ever wants to find any damage or wear and tear in their caravan, but booking it in for repair when it first appears will be much more economical in the long run. Complete RV services can carry out all minor and major internal and external caravan repairs in Sydney. Even if it looks like it may be nothing, it’s much wiser to give us a call and let us check it out before it becomes a major issue.

Caravan Insurance Repairs Work:

  • If you need your Caravan repaired under insurance claim you’ll want to make sure that whoever you choose has a good working relationship with your insurance company.
  • Complete RV Service works with all major caravan insurers including CIL, Youi, QBE, Lumly and Allianz. Once you have a claim number we can take care of the rest, repairing you van, speaking with your insurer and getting your van ready for your next adventure.
  • You can get our Caravan Insurance & Accident Repairs services for hail & storm damage or collision to your van.

Call us now on 0423 384 873 for quick & professional caravan and motorhome repairs near you in Sydney.

Hail and Storm Repairs Work:

  • If you’re ever in an accident, or get caught in a hail storm Complete RV services can carry out all repair work whether they are major or minor repairs to all types of caravans, campervans and Motorhomes.
  • We specialise in the repair of hail damaged caravans, awning repairs and accident repairs in Sydney. We repair everything from a scratched bumper or dented panels to cracked axles and full caravan restorations from larger accidents.
  • We have been carrying out caravan hail damage repairs for over 20 years and are well known and highly regarded in the motorhome industry for our quality and communication.

Caravan General Repairs Work:

Not all repairs are visible, or seem like they need to be done at the time, but by fixing a small water leak you may prevent an internal disaster in the future. We have a team of mechanics and technicians that can carry out all your minor general repair work to your caravan such as faulty water pumps, plumbing, dodgy windows, awnings washer changes, electrical repairs work and more. Whether it be internal or external we have a technician for the job.

Even if you have a small tear in an awning or annex, we can patch it up and ensure it’s waterproof and you won’t need to wait until it’s so big you need to replace it instead.

Caravan & Motorhome Restoration in Sydney:

  • Restoring an old van can be a very cost effective way of getting some modern technology into an old shell.
  • Complete RV services can undertake a full caravan restoration for you and install some mod cons into an older motorhome.
  • We can upgrade power to solar, fit air conditioners & FIR satellite navigation in your caravan. We can even make reversing easier with reverse cameras.

If you like vintage styling we can even do a full restore on a vintage van keeping it to the year it was built but upgrading your plumbing and wiring making it safe and comfortable for touring.

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