What is a Caravan Awning?

Caravan awnings are made from a durable and waterproof fabric and can be pulled out from 1 side of your caravan for added protection. Although there are many awnings on the market there are some clear favourites out there among travellers. 3 of the most popular awnings on the market are:

  • Carefree
  • Dometic
  • Fiamma

Roll Out Awnings

They either come as a roll out awning like the Carefree or Dometic, or a box awning such as the Fiamma.

Caravan Roll Out Awnings

Caravan roll out awnings require permanent fitment to the side of your van and needs 2 separate components for it to work. You’ll need to mount it to the van and then you’ll have the roller with fabric on it to install next. The rolled out awnings are sturdier in bad weather, but keep in mind they are permanent and will need to be drilled and screwed onto your van.

Caravan Awnings Installation Sydney

Box Awnings

Box awnings are an awning that is completely encased in a metal box when travelling. These awnings are much better suited to vans or vehicles that have a curved roof. They can also be fitted to roof racks, or a camper trailer making them very versatile.

Do you want to install a caravan awning? Call us on 0423 384 873 or Enquire Now to get caravan awnings installation or replacement service from one of our qualified and experienced installers. We also help you to find out best awnings suited to your vans.

Benefits of Caravan Awnings Installation

Awnings are a great way to make use of space outside your caravan whilst giving you some protection from the elements. An awning attaches to the side of your van and is accessible to pull out at any stage making it easy to create more space for your comfort.

Some people think of an awning as only a roof that pulls out but don’t forget, you can now attach screened or enclosed walls to your awning giving you privacy and keeping everything underneath dry in bad weather.

Caravan Awnings Replacement

Awnings that have been damaged can either be repaired if the damage is not too bad, otherwise a caravan awning replacement may be needed. When you store your van for longer periods of time and it is not in use, it’s good practice to go out and unroll your awning every now and then and air it out. Also, make sure you extend it if there has been rain and your awning could be wet. This will prevent mould and mildew building up in the rolls.

Whichever caravan awning you choose, make sure you find a reputable installer that is experienced in the install of caravan awnings. We have a team of qualified installers with experience of various types of caravan accessories installation such as solar panels, gas or diesel heater, generators, air conditioner,  annexes, refrigerators, AL-KO ESC system etc.

Give us a call on 0423 384 873 today and make use of all your available space with a roll out awning.

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