Caravan and Motorhome Servicing SydneyMany people tend to forget about servicing their Caravan. Literally thousands of caravanners in Australia hit the road each year only to be cut short because of lack of maintenance. Caravan servicing is paramount to a successful trip across the country.

Here at Complete RV Services, we specialise in Axle and Chassis servicing for all makes and models of Caravans and Motorhomes in Sydney. Our complete chassis service covers seals, brakes, shocks and a thorough visual check.

Are you looking a reliable caravan servicing specialist near you in Sydney? Just give call Complete RV Services on 0423 384 873 or get a free quote today.

What is included in our caravan servicing?

Caravan servicing with Complete RV services means everything that moves, swings, wears or dries out is checked, oiled, greased or replaced. We service all makes and models of caravan and motorhome in Sydney and carry out a comprehensive list of inspections including undercarriage, chassis line, electronics and more. We suggest service your caravan every 10,000 kms or once a year.

Underneath everything from wheel bearings, brakes, shock absorbers, suspension and axles are checked. Parts will be replaced if worn and Rims and Tyres will go through thorough testing to ensure safety on the road. This will also include a chassis inspection. Above the undercarriage we’ll be checking trailer wiring, lights, attachments and accessories.

Not forgetting gas and diesel powered accessories, we can do upgrades to any LPG lines, check for leaks and ensure all your equipment is working at its peak.

On the inside we do a thorough check of all your appliances and electronics making sure your air conditioner, heater, microwave ensuring a comfortable trip.

Caravan Inspections in Sydney:

Caravan inspections services are not the same as car inspections and should be carried out by someone with industry expert. When you request for inspection with Complete RV services, you will receive a full written inspection report with images and explanations.

We will check all mechanical components and examine functions of your Caravan as listed here:

  • All LPG gas cylinders with date codes, leakage, LPG hoses, wear and tear.
  • Effective operation of awnings, blinds, hatches and doors.
  • All power facilities including Solar panels, electrical, power points and fridges.
  • Full examination of cabinets, locking mechanisms, struts and handles.
  • Waterproofing inspection to ensure no leakages, water damage or signs of the start of such issues.
  • Everything fabric will be inspected for wear and tear, stitching, or damage.

All our inspectors have full mechanical qualifications as well as extensive industry experience on all models of caravans, Motorhomes and other RVs. They are fully accredited and take pride in their work making sure your Motorhome is prepared for your next adventure.

Caravan Pre Trip Inspections :

A pre-trip inspection is a must for all caravanners. Before setting off on your next adventure book into Complete RV Services and allow us to ensure you’re van is in shape and ready to tackle that mountain. A full service is carried out as well as a thorough check of all systems, accessories, appliances and more.

Caravan Chassis Repairs & Modification :

The team at Complete RV Services are authorised and trained to carry out minor and major caravan repairs and modification work. Upgrades to brakes, shock absorbers or anything related to your caravan can be done by our trained chassis repair & modification specialist team in Jamisontown, Sydney.

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