Insurance is there for a reason and when the time comes to claim on your caravan insurance you want it to be easy and simple. Complete RV services work with all the major insurance companies including CIL, Lumly, QBE, Allianz and NRMA to name a few making it quick to access.

How to get your caravan insurance repairs work done in 5 easy steps:

Obtain and insurance claim number:

– You’ll need to contact your insurer to obtain a claim number. Depending on your insurance company there will be a couple of forms to fill in to get this. Most companies make it pretty straight forward to claim, but you need this before we can quote for you.

Give RV services a call with your insurance claim number:

– Once we know what we’re looking at we can help you decide if we need to tow your van to us, or if it’s safe for you to drive. Once it’s here we can assess the damage.

Damage Assessment:

– Our technicians will do a thorough assessment and provide you and your insurance company with a comprehensive quote detailing all work to be carried out including parts, labour and estimated time frames.

Quote acceptance:

– We will work with you and your insurance company to review the quote and come to an agreement on what needs to be done. From this point you leave the rest with us and we will repair your caravan and let you know when it’s ready to pick up.


– We can deliver your caravan to you or you can come back in to pick it up. We will take you through all the work that was carried out and show you all repairs. You take your van and get on with your planning for your next trip.

Give us a call on 0423 384 873 or Contact us for Caravan Insurance & Accident Repairs work in Sydney.

Caravan Accident Damage Repairs in Sydney

Nobody wants to be in an accident, but if you happen to find yourself in one whether it’s your fault, or that of another driver you’ll want to report it to your insurer as soon as you can so you can get your claim and repairs underway.

Complete RV services have over 20 years experience in caravan and motorhome accident or Hail and storm damage repairs and we are one of Jamisontown’s and Western Sydney’s most trusted RV repairers.

Once you’ve spoken to your insurance company and completed their paperwork, we’ll assess the damage and get you back on the road in no time at all.

What falls under accident repairs?

Caravan accident repair is a broad term used for any damage caused to your van such as storm damage, hail damage, or collision. We have the capabilities to handle small touch ups to all manner of major collision repairs in Sydney.

Since your motorhome is much higher than a car it could be simple misjudgment of height under a carport, or a tree that causes dents or scratches to the roof.

No matter the cause Complete RV services can carry out the caravan accident repairs in Sydney and get your van on road again.

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