There’s nothing worse than having your dream trip planned and then finding a leak in the shower of your trusty campervan. Complete RV Services Sydney is equipped to handle all your caravan restoration and maintenance making sure you make it on that trip of a lifetime.

We repair and service all makes and models of campervans, motorhomes and caravans. We can undertake major and minor repairs such as caravan awning repairs, electrical maintenance and leaking showers.

Our Specialist Caravan General Repairs Includes:

Some of the main pain points of our frequent caravanners are faulty water pumps, failing window seals, leaking showers and old or damaged awnings. Many are also concerned that their electrical wiring is old, out of date or may need replacing. Our specialists teams can check, repair and replace faulty wiring, fix that broken window and seal your water leaks in time for your next trip.

For further enquiry related to your Caravan general repairs, feel free to call us on 0423 384 873 .

While we’re at it, why not get us to look at your fridges, air conditioning and ovens. Make sure that everything works and runs well to make your adventure comfortable and trouble free. Here are general caravan problems to consider and how to fix them:

Plumbing Problems :

Complete RV services have licensed plumbers to check all your seals and ensure there are no leaks in your shower, toilet, water pumps, sinks and taps. We go over everything to do with water and repair or replace any seals, pipes or washers that may cause you an issue in the future.

Caravan Awning and Annex repairs :

Rips, tears or missing parts are looked after by our specialist awning team. They will inspect, repair or replace any items that won’t live up to your next expedition before they let you down.

Internal and External Issues :

Complete RV services Sydney can do a complete caravan check of all your external panels, benchtops, cupboards and seating to make sure that locks are working, cushions are plush and bench tops stable leaving nothing to chance.

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