AL-KO ESC or Electronic Stability Control is a breakthrough in Caravan Towing Safety.

Caravan instability or sway is caused from a range of different circumstances, such as having to take evasive manoeuvres to miss a vehicle or animal that has suddenly appeared on the road, high winds and difficult driving conditions or wind buffeting from large vehicles.

If you have ever been in a situation where the Caravan has been subject to these conditions and you feel the caravan swaying back and forth you will know it is not a pleasant experience. Sway can ultimately end in loss of control of the tow vehicle and caravan and has often put people off caravanning altogether as they lose their confidence in towing.

AL-KO ESC gives assurance and confidence to drivers that even in the most difficult of driving scenarios your caravan is constantly being monitored and controlled providing an unparrelleled level of safety during the journey.

How it works

The AL-KO ESC system is comprised of an electronic module that sits above the axle/s and continuously monitors lateral movement of the caravan. These movements are evaluated and if the caravan is subject to 2 lateral movements of more than 0.4G Force or 4 smaller movements of 0.2G the ESC is applied. The ESC module carries out a complex number of algorithms based on the lateral force, weight of the caravan, length of the caravan and tyre size to determine how much braking is applied. All this is carried out before you even have time to act, the ESC has steadied your caravan and you are towing safely and comfortably.

AL-KO ESC can be fitted to most Caravans on the Australian Market running electric brakes. If your caravan is not compatible the caravan can be modified at Complete RV Services to except ESC.

Aeroplus is an easy and universally fitting, lightweight, roof-mounted air deflector.

It drives the flow of air smoothly over the top of your caravan – reducing drag, increasing towing stability and increasing fuel economy.

Aeroplus has been designed to work. It has been proven to reduce drag and improve stability with independent testing in a full-size wind tunnel at MIRA, the UK’s leading automotive research organisation. It has also been proven to achieve a 15% fuel saving in controlled tests*.

The benefits… Aeroplus makes the towing experience feel safer and more comfortable which can result in the driver feeling less tired.

Aeroplus increases car/caravan towing stability – especially on motorways.

Air Conditioners

At Complete RV we understand the importance of staying comfortable during your sojourns which is why we carry a range of quality air conditioning systems suited to the Australian climate. Predominantly reverse cycle Air Conditioners are installed. Those that are not reverse cycle still have a heating function incorporated into the unit.

First thing to note after you have made the decision to install an Air Conditioner to your RV is which unit suits your particular requirements. Just like your home Air Conditioner there are a wide and varied field to choose from. The best way to ascertain which unit you will require is the size of RV you are Cooling or heating.- The larger the area the larger the Air Conditioner will need to be to reach temperature within a reasonable time.

We install a mix of Air Command, Dometic and Truma air Conditioning systems.

We predominantly fit roof mount units which free up internal space but if you have height restrictions or issues with weight on pop top roofs we also offer internally installed units as well. Our staff can advise which units can be powered off which generator if free camping is your thing.

Please feel free to contact us about an Air Conditioner to suit your requirements.

Diesel Powered Heating Products

Air/Room Heaters

Complete RV Services ultimate choice of Diesel Air Heater is the Webasto ST2000.

These light Weight and compact air heaters are easy and quick to install and can be used whilst stationary or driving. This is an added benefit for Motorhome owners trying to keep warm with the cabin heater alone. They have short heat up times and are thermostat controlled allowing you to set and forget ensuring you enjoy constant warmth where ever you choose to rest.

Water Heaters

With a Diesel water heating system in your RV you will have practical heating for your kitchen and bathroom. The water heater has an air heater option also so you can warm your RV and heat your water simultaneously or heat your water alone or warm the air alone.

The heater can be coupled to a water storage tank which can be run off 240 volt mains power to heat water when stationed where 240 volt is available.

Diesel Cooker

The heat source for this cooker is from a diesel burner which is integrated into the base of the cooker. This heats a Ceran, (glass ceramic), cooking surface which has room for two medium pots or saucepans. Only the glass ceramic is visible and this is very robust and easy to clean.

There is no naked flame and all exhaust gases are vented outside the vehicle.

All our diesel products carry the following benefits-

  • Proven Technology – no inferior copies
  • Low fuel and power consumption
  • No naked flames, all emissions are vented outside of the vehicle
  • Fuel can be supplied by vehicles own Diesel tank
  • Slimline diesel tank available for caravans
  • Built in diagnostic capability
  • Easy installation
  • 2 year Australia wide warranty

Miscellaneous Jobs

At Complete RV nothing is a hassle.

Our capabilities are wide and varied and we can help out with almost any task, modification or issue you have with your RV.

Give us a call and we will help out as best we can.

Satellite and Aerials

Gone are the days when you go away and shut yourself away from the outside world. Now you can receive free to air satellite television in almost any location in Australia using Satellite technology or free to air channels as you do at home using good quality aerials developed for the Australian market.

Our satellite systems are permanently roof mounted and have automatic tracking so no cumbersome dishes that need adjusting or fine tuning.

We can install a range of standard aerials to pick up digital television to suit different RV’s. The roof mounted Winegard Sensar HV and Jack Aerials are about as good as they get.

We can carry out external television points so you can watch TV under your awning and also fit Complete TV and DVD systems.

Water Heaters

Hot water is a luxury you don’t think about until you don’t have it! Boiling the kettle to do the dishes and washing up is a thing of the past.

Available are Water Heaters that can be powered from any source whether it is 12 volt, 240 volt, Gas or Diesel.

We have a range of water heaters that are compact and can be fitted under dinette seats, beds and benches.

Call us for a quote.


Annexes are a great way to increase your living area and also have somewhere outside you can enjoy without the marauding summertime insects bothering you. They also provide adequate privacy.

Our Annexes are made to measure for each van and are available for Caravan, Motorhome and Pop up Campers. They utilize heavy duty zippers and hardware, Tentex mesh for all flyscreen windows and doors and all poles are powder coated white with easy twist locking system so you have no cumbersome catches and knobs to deal with.

Our Annexes will suit all Dometic, Carefree, Prostor, Aussie Traveller and Fiama awnings.

We can also supply and install Bag Awnings and Bed Flys for campers.

We can custom make any Annex to suit any vehicle.

  • Also available is our new range of modulated light weight Annex systems which can be used to fit a range of different Caravans and RV’s.


Awnings are a great way to seek rest bite from the scorching midday sun or shelter from pesky cold spitting rain. There are number of different styles of caravan awnings available for all types of RV’s.

The most common type of awning is the Roll Out Awning which consists of a cylindrical barrel that holds the awning fabric and is supported by two heavy duty Aluminium legs that are permanently attached to the side of the RV. Roll out awnings can be fitted to Full height caravans, Pop Top Caravans and Motorhomes.

Box awnings are also available which comprise of a neat rectangular aluminium shroud which contains both awning support legs and also the awning fabric. These are more suited to wind up campers but can also be fitted to Caravans and Motorhomes.

Bag awnings are also available and are generally fitted to wind up campers. Bag awnings will usually have the support poles and guy ropes stored inside the camper during transit.

Caravan Movers

Take the stress out of moving your caravan!

Parking, hitching or de-hitching a caravan can be stressful, especially in tight spots. It can also be costly if you get it wrong and damage your caravan and/or someone else’s.

Caravan Movers are used to remotely control your caravan or camper into position using motors connected to each Caravan wheel via friction rollers. These rollers are disconnected while towing. The high torque motors are powered from 12 volt DC current from your Caravans internal battery. A remote control is used to manoeuvrer the Caravan.

We have 3 types of Caravan Mover to choose from- Purple line, Reich and Dometic Powrtouch. All brands are quality units built to withstand Australian conditions and are capable of manoeuvring a 3.5 tonne caravan up a 1:7 gradient.

Each Caravan will be more suited to a different mover to allow clearance for water tanks, ground clearance etc. Generally we can advise of which unit to use over the phone but with some caravans we may need to inspect the van to ascertain which unit will fit or be of most advantage.


Possibly the most important of any appliances in your RV or Caravan is the fridge.

We can supply or supply and fit any of the well known Recreational fridges on the Australian market.

We have the choice of 3 way, (gas, 240volt mains, and 12 volt), Absorption Fridges or the ever increasing in popularity low current 12volt or 240 volt Compressor Fridges. Both types of fridge are available in upright permanently fixed or portable chest type fridges.

3 Way Fridges

3 way fridges as the name suggest can be powered by 3 means, gas 240 volt mains power or 12 volt DC power. Whilst stationary the fridge is made to run off 240 volt if mains power is available or gas if 240 volt is not available or if you are free camping. The 12 volt provision on a 3 way fridge is generally only to be used during transit when the power source is delivered by a running vehicles car battery as the vehicles alternator carries the current. The 3 way fridge is the most commonly used fridge in caravans worldwide.

Compressor Fridges

Compressor fridges are gaining popularity with caravaners and especially campers as they are can be run off a standalone 12 volt battery for extended periods. They can also be powered by 240 volt mains power where available. Compressor fridges naturally lend themselves to free camping as they are extremely efficient on power and can be run purely off a deep cycle 12 volt battery. Combine this battery with a quality solar package and the fridge can be run almost indefinitely without any other form of power.

Why bother with an RV fridge when you can get a cheaper bar fridge you ask? Well the answer is a house hold fridge is not made to be banged about whilst travelling down roads, a household fridge’s efficiency is much lower than that of an RV fridge, being a house hold fridge you only have the option of one power source which limits its usage and RV fridges are made more compact and offer more internal space for their overall dimensions.

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