Caravan & Motorhome – Common Problems You Need to Watch Out For
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Caravan & Motorhome – Common Problems You Need to Watch Out For

No caravans or motorhomes are created equal. Neither are they used equally. From the overall quality and durability to their size and amenities, almost everything varies. They are also used in different ways and driven differently depending on your needs.

However, they do share similar problems that need to be dealt with swiftly before they potentially ruin your holiday.

These special multi-purpose vehicles are big and heavy with some complicated systems. When there’s movement added to it, certain issues are pretty much unavoidable.

As you already know, major repairs and maintenance work of caravans and motorhomes aren’t exactly known for their affordability. But if you are aware of such issues and take the pre-emptive measures of care, you might be able to bring down the repair cost a lot. A little bit of regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping your road trips happy and your van rolling for years to come.

Let’s look at some of the common external and internal problems so you’ll know what to look out for.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are a nightmare for every caravanner. Even the toughest modern motorhome can cave to the pressures of the elements. Sealants and adhesives crack with age and motion. When this happens you can end up with more than just dry sealant cracks. It can damage delicate parts, rust out metal and cause short-circuiting of your motorhome’s electrical system.

Water leaks can come from an overhead water tank, showers, taps or seals., and can cause further problems like floor damage and water ingress. It also makes surfaces slippery which turns dangerous when left untreated.

It’s important that we get ahead of the threat of water damage and minimise any chances of water leaks with the help of a qualified waterproofing professional.

Hot Water System Damage

There’s usually an underlying issue when your caravan’s hot water system gives you the literal cold shoulder. A fault in the regulator pressure or power supply or gas could cause it. Since the water supply to the hot water system is regulated at various points, failure at any of these checkpoints could cause this.

You would also need to check the thermostat or heating element for any breakdown which could be the source of the damage.

Air Conditioner Damage

To start with, the air conditioner must be installed properly to ensure that it works well and has good ventilation. With usage, the air conditioner system loses anywhere between 20% and 60% of its refrigerant yearly. Before you take your motorhome out, you need to check the level of the refrigerant and re-gas it if the level is low.

Air conditioner maintenance every 3 months is ideal to deal with failures like a dirty air filter, refrigerant leaks, a dirty coil, faulty fuse, damaged compressor or connections, blocked suction lines, and more. Annual maintenance is a must to keep your air conditioner running efficiently in your motorhome.

Caravan Solar Systems

The solar power system including caravan solar panels need maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency. A professional caravan solar panel cleaning and full system service is required for maintenance and rectification of issues. Proper maintenance and servicing will ensure switches, isolators and circuit breakers are functioning well; cables and connections are secure; defects like cracks, chipping and discolouration are found and repaired.

A caravan solar system maintenance check ideally needs to be done once every 2 years.

Electrical System Damage

Have you come across a busted fuse or loose wire connections or short-circuit wiring? Then you know that regular maintenance and timely repair of small issues can help to keep you on the road without much trouble. At least electrically!

Electrical panels, dual batteries and the battery management systems also need to be checked and serviced on a regular basis so that proper power usage by your appliances is assured.

Caravans and motorhomes usually have 12-volt lighting and battery systems. Their connections and circuits could cause problems if worn. Some lights might work while some might not. A qualified auto electrician could help you deal with all the electrical maintenance and repair work.

Preventive Maintenance

A wise man once wrote – “Prevention is better than critical (read costly) repair.” With a little bit of care, foresight and planning you can avoid frustrating caravan repair issues, especially the expensive ones.

You have experienced and certified technicians available who are able to get your caravan in top shape. Once it is mint condition, get out there and start your adventure.

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