Benefits Of Having A Awnings In Caravan

Benefits Of Having A Awnings In Caravan

Vacations with family and friends and a romantic or adventurous trip are all ideal in a caravan. However, you might require additional weather protection while on the trip. We frequently find ourselves in predicaments with insufficient space, shade, or natural shelter where we need more than our caravan can provide.

The popularity of camping and caravanning has increased over the past few decades, particularly among those who enjoy travelling and spending time with friends and family. Due to the popularity of camping, its accessories have developed throughout time. Your camper trailers can be equipped with these extras to make camping more convenient. In addition to shielding you from the elements, accessories like annexes, awnings, sunscreens, privacy screens, and many more provide you with that “extra room”. Sometimes the distinctions between these camping items are hazy and used interchangeably. Sunscreen, awning, and annexe usage may occasionally cross paths, but they are different from one another.

If you are afraid of finding yourself in such circumstances, you can relax. There are solutions available. Awnings, annexes, and sunshades are your options. Despite having various characteristics, they all ultimately offer the same thing. Your requirements will vary depending on your situation and your goals. Here we try to remove some uncertainty concerning outfitting your caravan with one of these because it can get a little overwhelming and confusing.


Shades that are primarily used to block sunlight are often called sunscreens. Sunscreens can be fastened to the caravan just like awnings because they are constructed of breathable fabrics that don’t make you feel smothered. On the windows, you can also put smaller sunscreens. In addition to being a necessity for shade, they are also employed for privacy. Sunscreen is the best way to offer shade and solitude, acting as a visual barrier. However, they can be less effective in extreme weather conditions, including hail, rain, and strong winds.


As the name implies, Annexes are an addition to your campers, giving you more room and weather protection. The choice of curtains also provides a high level of seclusion. However, they also have additional options like fly screens, doors, windows, and entire walls. They are waterproof since they are made of materials like fabric and vinyl. Annexes can also be freestanding structures positioned around the caravan and utilised for any purpose, like a kitchen, eating area, bedroom, or other areas. They can even be custom-made and are simple to install.


A canvas sheet extended on a frame that acts as a rooftop is what an awning is, even though an awning is not a rooftop. It can be secured to the ground like a tent, offering a rooftop and a private area. The only difference is that the awning for a caravan is attached to the vehicle and can be rolled out as needed. Awnings are available in a variety of sizes, forms, and materials. 

A roll-out awning is a complex shading mechanism that creates a shaded space outside your camper. They cannot simply be rolled out since they must be fastened to the ground. They take a little time to set up but are simple to do. Your roll-out awning is permanently attached to your caravan, so you don’t need to remember to pack it. When not used, retractable awnings can be rolled back manually or with a motor. A canopy is a type of awning smaller than an awning and functions similarly to a rooftop. Awning installation is a one-time job done on the camper trailer’s body.

Before spending a lot of money on an awning for your caravan that goes above and beyond the norm, there are a few things to remember.

Some factors to consider when looking at a caravan awning

Adding an awning is the simplest method to expand your living area and make the most of the outdoors while travelling in a caravan. They not only keep you and your belongings dry and shield you from the hot Australian sun, but you can also add a privacy screen or annex walls to make your living space more unique. The majority of caravan awnings are simple to erect. This means that you can put it up and fully enjoy your surroundings, whether you are only stopping for lunch or spending a week camping.

Rock pegs

The peg systems altered as awnings became more complex; people began to think outside the box and offer a broader diversity with specialised features. The emergence of screw-in pegs has been the most significant recent advancement. And some peg manufacturers now prefer using plastic over other materials. Polypropylene or polycarbonate are frequently used materials. The former is more heat resistant and tougher. If used in hot sand, polypropylene sand pegs will gradually deteriorate and may bend. If weight is a concern, plastic pegs are substantially lighter than metal ones, though they occasionally tend to be bulkier.

Awning Leaks

A cotton awning will leak the first time you use it, so keep that in mind. This is so that the fibres of a cotton awning can swell and seal after a few raindrops. Install your caravan awning in your backyard before use to avoid suddenly getting wet. Use a garden hose to wet it, then let it dry. Doing this may ensure that its fibres are already sealed and swollen before utilising it.

Your caravan awning may leak for various reasons, including a faulty pitch, a damaged seal, and shredded fabric. You can often fix a leak with reasonably priced items from your neighbourhood caravan accessory shop. But occasionally, you might need professional help or even purchase a new one.


How willing are you to maintain and care for things? Awning maintenance is necessary, and the awning style will determine how time- and labour-intensive it is. Choose a lightweight awning if you don’t want complicated routine maintenance. Heavier awnings will take up extra room and take hours to dry.

Awnings are excellent additions to campers, motorhomes, and other RVs because they significantly increase the amount of floor space available wherever the vehicle is parked. Under most weather conditions, an awning will provide you shade and a place to watch the world from. They can, however, accumulate a lot of trash and dust due to the severe weather and traffic. You must maintain it to ensure a clean and hygienic personal space.

  • Expose the entire fabric to prepare the awning for cleaning and maintenance. It is almost impossible to clean it when it is folded. 
  • Clean the grime regularly. The grime could ruin the fabric and negatively impact the waterproofing characteristic. Before it sets, you should remove it.
  • The simplest cleaning tools can occasionally turn out to be the most efficient. A soft cloth and little water may work wonders for caravan awnings. To prevent destroying the material and waterproofing, always use a delicate touch.
  • Make use of a standard awning cleaner. This will thoroughly clean the awning without compromising its waterproofing.


Awning accessories are also available to keep your awning safe against inclement weather. These include tie-down kits and storm straps. We also have a variety of maintenance supplies to help you keep your awning dry and clean for every use. Visit us at  for all your caravan requirements.

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