Caravan Servicing and Repair: Why You Should Never Compromise!
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Caravan Servicing and Repair: Why You Should Never Compromise!

Benefits of an annual caravan service and repair check. Tips on how often you should service and why?

You maintain your car regularly. It is no different with your caravan. Suppose you don’t get your van serviced every 10,000 kilometres or annually, especially before bringing it out on the road after it’s been idle for a while. You would be taking a significant and unneeded risk. Shockingly, many caravan owners do not schedule a regular caravan inspection or service. On the other hand, the same people will be meticulous about having their car serviced. We at Complete RV Services Pty Ltd have been doing caravan service and repairs for years. We’ve seen firsthand the expensive repair jobs needed because people fail to get their caravans checked regularly and put off simple maintenance. Even worse are the accidents involving caravans. These can even be fatal, and they tend to be caused by a mix of driver mistakes and a failure to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Every 10,000 kilometres, a caravan inspection and servicing, should be performed. It has the potential to save your life, a lot of money, and to avoid ruining a wonderful holiday. Our experts follow a detailed caravan servicing checklist to ensure that your caravan is safe and ready to travel.

In preparation for any planned weekend excursions or extended holidays, the off-season is ideally the time to have your caravan serviced or repaired. With a growing list of reasons to bring your caravan in for a routine inspection, here are a few advantages to be aware of:

  • Maintain road safety while travelling
  • Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ensure wearable parts are working fine
  • Avoid personal injury
  • Save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly repairs
  • Maintain the value of your RV, whether new or used
  • Pack your belongings and travel whenever and wherever you want

What does caravan service or repair involve?

To work smoothly any equipment needs to be maintained regularly. It’s just as crucial – if not more so – to do the same for your caravan. You’ll need to be organised and knowledgeable if you want to stay on top of your caravan maintenance. If you have any questions regarding your precious possession, ask your local caravan and motorhome repair professional. You can also follow these general maintenance guidelines for your caravan, camper trailer, motorhome, or camper van.

  • Inspect all moving components
  • RV Brake check/repair
  • RV Bearings and wheel hubs check/repair
  • Tyres and rims check/repair
  • Chassis and suspension components check/repair
  • Full inspection of body components/repair
  • RV springs and shackles checked for wear and possible repair
  • Outriggers, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames checked for damage/fatigue
  • RV peripheral fittings and components check/repair
  • External lights and wiring connections check/repair
  • RV Water tanks and plumbing mountings check/repair
  • Hoses inspected for integrity and protection check/repair
  • RV tents and awnings check/repair
  • Handbrake cable adjusted and checked/repaired
  • Hitch, Jockey wheel and jacks lubricated for ease of operation

What should a caravan service centre or RV mechanic have?

Finding a caravan mechanic who provides a hassle-free experience with no hidden costs is often challenging. Transparency is essential, and by doing a little homework ahead of time, you may save time, money, and unnecessary worry – all of which we want to avoid! Here we have tried to list out what we feel every competent caravan mechanic should possess.

  • Trustworthy – Are they a well-established company that provides specifics on each service check?
  • Qualified professional – Are they a seasoned service technician that is open about their credentials?
  • Onsite resources – Do they have full access to a full parts department to ensure that your work is completed on schedule and without any unforeseen delays?
  • Cost-effective solutions – Will they provide you with a service price upfront and contact you immediately to confirm any urgent repairs?
  • Is there convenient access for large towing vehicles at the business location? (For example, off the highway and vast parking lots)

Simple maintenance tips you can use for your caravan

  • If you are not using your caravan very often, keep it undercover to protect it from the elements and anything else
  • Pay close attention to all moisture protection seals
  • Always ensure the engine is working properly
  • Check the tyres periodically
  • Keep the caravan clean
  • Never let your caravan be idle for months at a time.

In conclusion

Some caravan repairs are more about the enjoyment of using these vehicles or rather the accessories. Caravans nowadays come with various features, which is what makes them so good. Today caravans have awnings, air conditioners, refrigerators, and microwaves all as standard and are virtually taken for granted by caravanners today. Finding out that one or more of these don’t work is likely to ruin your vacation. Toilets, showers, and water tanks may need repairs. These kinds of jobs might be handled by other trades in a home, but they require specialised knowledge in a caravan. Important parts like these require the same level of care and attention as the roadworthy components of your vehicle. A good caravan service centre should offer all-round service to take care of all the components of the caravan.

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