All You Should Know About Caravan Services
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All You Should Know About Caravan Services

With the great power of owning a caravan comes the great responsibility of keeping it in top shape.

Yes, we’re talking about timely servicing and repairing of your caravan.

The safety of your family and your own peace of mind are the two most important things you will achieve when you know that your caravan is up to scratch. On-road or off-road, beaches or bushes, your caravan has been taking all the hits and bumps to give you the best caravanning experience. But periodically, it needs some love and care to keep running. It needs professional caravan services.

Let’s look at some top reasons why your caravan needs regular service.

Road Safety

Regular checkups and servicing of your caravan ensure that all parts of it are in their best working condition. The roadworthiness of your caravan depends on timely servicing. After all, the safety of you and your family is of utmost importance while you’re out on the road.

Comfort & Convenience

When the caravan is serviced, professional service centres ensure they inspect and rectify any electrical issues, remove any water leakage, and make sure all inside and outside parts function properly. This keeps your caravanning journey smooth with the necessary comfort and convenience to your family.

Prevents Serious Damage

Doing regular caravan services helps in detecting problems early on so that you can have them fixed or replaced. When your caravan or motorhome services are lacking, the little issues and problems can grow into serious troubles later and you may have to spend more money to fix them. Let’s remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

Popular Caravan Services

There is a broad range of caravan services and repairs including rollovers, caravan leaks, electrical repairs, awning repairs and modifications. Caravans are generally used more at certain times of the year then left unused for a few months. People tend to overlook essential caravan checks and repairs before they head out into the distance.

The following are the important components of your caravan that receive focused services.

Wheels & Bearings

Wheels are the most used or rather overused part of your caravan and so prone to wearing out easily. During your RV services, the wheels are checked for any damage, wear and tear or any signs of rupture. Wheels are also checked for balance and alignment as required.

Wheel bearings undergo a lot of stress since they support the wheels and axles while carrying the weight of the caravan. They are checked for coating damage, pitting, rusting and are replaced as required.

Brakes, Linings & Magnets

You can never overemphasis the importance of the braking system of your caravan. It’s one of the most significant safety features that needs maintenance and servicing regularly. The braking system consists of linings and magnets which are checked for any damage, and they need to be changed as required.


Poor maintenance of caravan tyres is a common cause of accidents on Australian roads. Rough roads, excess exposure to the sun, age, etc., can affect your caravan tyres. Get a thorough inspection of them before you hit the road. If you see any cracks or unusual bulges in your tyres, it’s time to change. Your caravan services will be able to determine the damages, and it’s better to avoid using tyres that are older than 5 years.

Suspension System

This consists of tyres, bearings, springs, steering system and spindles that connects the caravan to its wheels. With constant use, this system wears out and it’s important to have regular service of the suspension. Any damage to part of the suspension system should be repaired immediately.

Safety Sway Control

A swaying rig is another common cause of caravan accidents. To prevent it, all caravans are fitted with a safety sway control system that keeps the caravan in line with the tow car. Professional caravan services would include checking this system and ensure it is working well.

Other Components

Electrical connections, water tanks and chassis are other components that require attention during caravan or motorhome services. Damage to any of these could turn your caravanning into a nightmare. Regular RV services make sure all these parts are in top shape during your journey.

Ideally, your caravan or motorhome services and maintenance should be done by experts at least once a year. It is highly recommended that you do the caravan services while you are planning for the road trip.


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