Why You Need to Consider an RV Service And Repair Before You Go Camping

Why You Need to Consider an RV Service And Repair Before You Go Camping

For many Australians, there is nothing better than taking your RV out for a trip on the open road. Travellers can experience an unlimited variety of activities with the utmost comfort when travelling in a caravan in good weather. However, mother nature can have other plans, and if you do find yourself stuck in rain, hail, wind and storms your RV needs to be functional and should not let you down. This, while not the norm, has happened enough times for us to write this cautionary blog. 

In this blog, we try to guide you on the essential things you need to get done in your caravan before your next big trip. You will agree with us that the ideal time to fix any fault in the van is before you start on your trip. While it is possible to overlook some things in the excitement of “the big trip”, you would hate to get halfway through your trip and find out that you need to cut it short to fix an urgent issue. Finding out the hard way that your RV needs a new tyre or the suspension tuned will ruin your trip. Your RV will not just be your home during the big trip but also your transport. Hence you should ensure that it is in, and stays in great shape so that you can embark on lengthy trips as it takes your fancy. You should have your caravan checked by professionals at least twice a year. Once before the winter and once before the summer starts at the very least. If there is a long gap from the last service, you should have an experienced mechanic have an in-depth look at your caravan before heading out on your trip.

So, how often should you be maintaining and servicing your RV or motorhome?

Motorhome servicing is time-based rather than distance-based. A motor home or caravan needs to be serviced every six months, whether in storage or out on the road. Ideally, get it looked at by a trusted service centre before every winter and summer. This way, it is ready for you whenever you want to go on a trip.

How can you ensure your caravan is appropriately maintained?

An RV is a significant investment for most of us. Complete RV Services recommends keeping yours as well maintained as possible to the best of your ability. This ensures that you enjoy as many wonderful years in your home on wheels as possible, Think of it as an investment. Routine maintenance doesn’t just increase the lifespan of your RV; it also prevents you from having to make costly trips to the mechanic and protects you from the high costs of roadside help. Check out the RV maintenance advice given below and incorporate it as much as possible into your maintenance checklist:

  • Maintaining your Brakes: Check them every six months at least, the lining, and rust on the wheel bearings.  
  • Protective Coating: A professionally applied coating for the interiors and exteriors will keep your caravan looking fresh for years. 
  • Frequently Inspect any Seals and Joins: Make this a part of your RV maintenance checklist and check any seals and joins every three months. Helping you catch that leak before it becomes a significant and expensive issue.  
  • Regular Servicing: Ensure your motorhome gets serviced regularly with a trusted service centre. Visit Complete RV Services to check out our guaranteed service, 
  • Check your Tyre Pressure: This is pretty simple to do and can save you the cost of replacing a burst tyre. If you do not know how to do it, you must learn how to tighten the lug nuts.
  • Clean Any Slide Outs or Awnings: This is very important to prevent debris, dirt, and mould build-up. Ensure that the slider mechanisms and any hinges or pulley mechanisms are well oiled to minimise wear and tear.
  • Learn to Maintain your Waste Water System: Ensure that only the approved chemicals are used in the system. Check fluid levels and flush the toilets regularly to ensure it is working. Failure to maintain your wastewater system can lead to clogging and even a complete failure of the system. Check with your trusted service team on what you can do to prevent wastewater failure.


Make sure your RV receives regular maintenance, and try to use the same caravan service and repair facility constantly. The mechanics will be familiar with your mobile home, any previous issues and the type of terrain it is likely to encounter. Your RV needs regular service and maintenance much as a car does, but unlike a car, an RV may spend a lot of time idle or may travel a great distance in a short amount of time. This makes it even more critical for you to keep up a regular maintenance schedule. If you are the proud owner of an RV, visit to learn more about servicing and maintaining RVwith an experienced and professional service team.

Complete RV Services is an Australian-owned company operating out of Penrith, specialising in all aspects of caravan and motorhome repair, modification, maintenance and improvement. We specialise in excellent service at reasonable costs. Get in touch with us for a quote that will make you happy and a service that guarantees your peace of mind. 

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