How to Prepare Caravan for Camping during Spring Season?
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How to Prepare Caravan for Camping during Spring Season?

0423 384 873Is your Instagram blowing up with pictures of glistening waterways and white clouds like fairy floss on a blue sky?

Do you suddenly realise daffodils are your favourite flower?

Yup. Spring is here.

This is the time plants, platypus and people alike emerge from their winter sloth to smell the new season. Spring brings a lovely balance to the weather along with a host of exciting events that leave travellers spoiled for choice.

It is also the best time to go camping.

Take a closer look at your caravan. It might look rather dull after long periods of immobility. So before you hit the long road, it deserves a little TLC.

Caravan Maintenance for Spring

Book in for a Professional Annual Service

A standard recommendation would be to have an annual service done, like any other vehicle. This is the time to ensure that your caravan is roadworthy. Make sure you book it well in advance because service centres get frantically busy in springtime. Servicing of specialist parts like caravan solar panels and caravan air conditioners can also be included.

Spring Clean Your Caravan

Get the covers off and clean it inside and out. While a feeling of satisfaction slowly creeps up in you, dust, insects and the musty smell take a bow as you look forward to inhabiting your caravan again. You may go ahead and use a non-abrasive caravan shampoo and water for cleaning.

Check for Dampness and Mould

The most noticeable sign of damp is a musty smell along with dark, wet patches on the walls. Make sure you check for mould in out of sight areas such as door and window seals. To rid your van from mould you can use a homemade cleaning solution instead of having to buy commercial products. You can make this by combining washing liquid and warm water or half vinegar. Don’t forget, never use bleach on the mould as it doesn’t kill it on porous surfaces and can actually make it worse. Use a scrubber. Let it dry completely by giving it a thorough airing, and let the cushions and mattresses go for a good sunbath.

Cleaning Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings don’t just add style to your caravan but make you comfortable in hot weather by providing much needed shade and preventing sunburns. You may use basic cleaning equipment like soft cloth and cold water as most of the awnings are made of canvas. There are standard awning liquid cleaners on the market, but you need to check what’s compatible with the type of caravan awning you have.

Cleaning the Accessories

Take a thorough look at your caravan accessories such as kitchen appliances, solar panels, and air conditioners etc. Use a soft cloth and a cleaning liquid to remove any dust or stubborn marks. You might need to be gentle and careful with them as they damage easily. Check the vents and filters of your caravan air conditioner and clean them with any mild domestic cleaners. You may use a mop or squeegee to clean the caravan solar panels with water and hose them down to remove any soap residue.

Safety Checks

It’s advisable to run checks on your caravan at least a fortnight before your camping trip, just in case any problems arise that need time to fix. Check if all lights, brakes, and hitch are working properly. Ensure the tyres have good tread and are inflated to the correct pressure. Cracking tyres are not a good sign so if you see cracks head down to your local Tyre shop for a second opinion. Check the leisure battery, and recharge or replace it as necessary.

Final Touches

How about a coat of wax once fully dry? It gives your caravan a crisp clean look and goes a long way in preserving the exteriors. Also, a clean, protected caravan helps maintain its resale value and gives you a chance to spot minor issues before they turn into big problems. Call us on 0423 384 873 or enquire now for caravan servicing or maintenance work.   

The camping season is on. Have you already decided where your trip will take you? Let us know.


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