RV Maintenance Checklist For Spring – Things You Must Check

RV Maintenance Checklist For Spring – Things You Must Check

Winterising your caravan or RV is crucial during the colder months. This helps ensure your pipes do not leak or have other issues. But equally important is de-winterising your caravan or RV when spring is around the corner and you are looking to hit the road again.

What is de-winterising?

De-winterising your RV or caravan is basically reversing the winterising process. You need to take care of the water system and plumbing, the tyres, the battery, and other equipment.

When you de-winterise the plumbing and water system, you will remove the antifreeze and clean out the water system in the RV system to make it safe to use.

The battery and tyres tend to wear out when idle for a few months. You will need to check the air pressure in the tyres and top them up as needed. The battery charge, the fluid levels in the engine, and gas tanks all need to be checked and topped up.

This process ensures that when the travel bug bites, your RV is as ready as you are to travel our beautiful country. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Also, you need to ensure your licence plates and National Park passes are current before you start your travels.

Everybody loves a checklist, so let’s break it down..


  1. Check tyres, including the spare, for air pressure and cracks in the sidewalls.
  2. Check for any damage, e.g., rodents.
  3. Remove protective covers, internal and external.
  4. Check the outer components, e.g., turn signals, vents, light covers, etc.
  5. Check your RV solar panels if installed.


  1. Air out the caravan by opening windows and roof vents, ensuring they work fine.
  2. Clean out and ensure no unwanted visitors like mice or insects are present.
  3. Vacuum carpets, cupboard interiors, under seats etc.
  4. Check and update the emergency med kit.
  5. Check linen and towels, and replace any that need it.
  6. Check fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, etc., are current and in working condition. Install fresh batteries in all standalone electrical equipment as needed.

Operating Systems in RV

  1. Flush the freshwater system and check proper operation. Test every valve, faucet, shower and toilet.
  2. Flush and fill the freshwater tank. Fill fully to check for any leaks.
  3. Clean AC filter
  4. Check brakes
  5. Check for any leaks in shocks, etc.
  6. Recharge and reinstall batteries.
  7. Check and clean propane cylinders and refill them. Replace the faucet if more than 10 years old.

Complete RV Services

These will take care of the basics but for anything more visit RV Services for the best care for your RVs and Caravans today!

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