Tips for Modern Caravan Restorations

Tips for Modern Caravan Restorations

Bitten by the wanderlust? Looking for adventure? Love travelling? Then chances are you are already considering getting yourself a caravan or even more probably, you already have one!

What could be better than a beautiful cross-country caravan tour with your friends and family in a caravan? Every Australian considers their caravan to be their pride and joy, and they are constantly seeking ways to improve it to keep the atmosphere fresh. The wonderful thing about the caravan market is that many caravan models are new and used, available at a viable budget.

It is always a good idea to refurbish your trailer, whether it is brand new or a “fixer-upper” from the second-hand market. Caravan restorations are an ongoing trend, and if you know what to replace and enhance, you may significantly increase the value of your caravan, in addition to refreshing your caravanning experience. A second-hand caravan can have more noticeable wear and tear in some areas, such as the upholstery and the curtains that might need to be looked into. 

Our team has collated a list of fantastic trailer renovation ideas from our experts. These caravan restoration recommendations cover everything from a fresh coat of paint, a new colour scheme, or a total revamp of your vehicle.

Being prepared is essential because while upgrading your caravan can be worthwhile, it is not very simple to do. Successful upgrading requires careful planning.


You should have a proper budget when planning caravan restorations. It is always good to have the caravan of your dreams but imagine if that causes you to empty your bank account. The importance of planning and budgeting cannot be adequately stressed. Also, ensure you have enough time to complete all the intended items. Also, ensure that your caravan is structurally and mechanically sound before starting the renovations.


Because first impressions are important, the exterior of your caravan should impress. A well-designed canopy enhances the appearance of the indoor and outside areas. It can be as simple as a wash and shine, or it can be as elaborate as decorating the exterior of your caravan with specially designed awnings. Whatever exterior style you choose, it should make your caravan stand out from the crowd.

Colour Scheme

Your choice of colour palette for your caravan can either make it or break it, beauty or beast!

The traditional choice of a colour scheme is usually restricted to a fresh paint job. Still, your caravan’s colour scheme can also be dictated by every accessory, appliance, and knick-knack. As a result, consider your options carefully. Any new purchases for your caravan need to be checked for colour matching with the overall colour scheme. Different shades of the same colour can add novelty to your decor.


They are still a relatively new concept for recreational vehicles such as caravans, but it’s on its way. It is fast becoming popular with more caravanners adding some designer vinyl to their rig.

In the case of caravans, a wrap is a vinyl-type coating that can entirely change the appearance of your vehicle. When towing, it helps reduce damage caused by stone shards. You can have an all-over fit or do a section of your vehicle – including the interiors. Alternatively, a few custom decals could give your van a unique flair. In that regard, if you don’t want a sophisticated design, a clear wrap is an option.


Your caravan tends to become your second home, especially when you go caravanning with your friends and family. Hence, personalising it will make it more comfortable for you, and you will feel more at home in it. Given below are some caravan restoration ideas that are sure to make your caravan seem more like home.


Reupholstering all of the key cushioned places within an old caravan is an easy way to give it a new lease on life. If you take it to a professional, you can get it done in a day. All you have to do is choose the fabric, and they’ll take care of the rest. There are several different finishes to pick from. Pelmets, seat cushions, headboards, front cab seats, and door cards are removed depending on individual needs. Fabric and foam are sized and cut to fit. For added comfort, each piece of cloth is bonded to a small layer of foam and meticulously stitched together by a professional machinist.


It’s remarkable what a few easy modifications to other soft furnishings may produce. Take, for example, new drapes. The existing curtains may be faded or appear to be dated. Updating the inside curtains with a more modern design and material is a simple way to freshen it up. You can also add thermal backing for better insulation and blackout.


Inside the trailer, LED strip lights, which may be installed on almost any hard surface and provide a contemporary look, can be installed. Simply replacing your incandescent bulbs with LEDs can brighten things up. They will save money because LED bulbs consume a lot less energy than conventional types of bulbs. They also last longer. At the same time, you can instal additional USB ports so you can charge gadgets like phones and tablets without using up the mains outlets.


Your caravan is valuable and, as a result, vulnerable to theft whether it is stored at home or when you’re on the road. To protect your caravan and possessions, you might consider some caravan security or anti-theft device. Depending on your budget and how concerned you are about safety, you can look at multiple devices or invest in a single GPS anti-theft device.

Old Is Not Always Gold!

Unless your caravan is brand new, it’s time to bid farewell to the old and welcome in the contemporary decor. At Complete RV Services, we understand what your RV means to you, and we are committed to providing you with everything you need for renovating or servicing your caravan. Be it caravan repairs or caravan restorations; our well-trained staff will always be available. Just give us your ideas and together will bring them to life and give you the caravan of your dreams!

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