5 Practical Tips For Choosing And Installing Caravan Solar Panels

5 Practical Tips For Choosing And Installing Caravan Solar Panels

Do you like camping instead of planned vacations to common destinations? Then drawing enough power for the caravan is the critical factor to consider. An effective and efficient solution is available right now in the form of the caravan solar system.

A dependable power source is essential for camping in a caravan for an extensive period. Drawing the power off the grid is possible only when you install solar panels. These panels are wonderful gifts from technological evolution.

The panels can absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy for caravans.

Factors To Consider For Buying

Portability is always the primary concern for caravanners as they seek solar panels. Nevertheless, there are several parameters to assess suitable caravan solar panels. After all, financial loss is not going to be the only concern if you are choosing the wrong solar system for the caravan.

Follow these tips to ensure that solar panels are the right choice for the caravan.

Tip #1: Exposure To Maximum Sunlight

The professionals will install the solar panels beneath the safety panels. So, if you want to maximize the output, they will need full exposure to the sunlight.

  • If the solar panel is crystalline in nature, then the slightest shadow will also affect the output.
  • Installation should be such that the panels will get maximum exposure to sunlight when there is no hindrance nearby.

Thus, the process of caravan solar panels installation will also affect the output. 

Tip #2: Check The Battery

Solar panels can work at their maximum capacity only when you connect the same to a good battery. Moreover, it is essential to recharge the battery every time the charge on the battery falls below 50%.

If you can charge the battery while in storage, the process will add to the lifespan of the batteries. But you need to make sure that the storage of batteries is appropriate during the winter months. Otherwise, you may have to replace them earlier than expected.

Tip #3: Take Help From Local Dealers

Once the installation of the caravan solar system is complete, you need to connect the leisure battery. Now, the connections apparently seem to be an easy task. But there are actually certain procedures that you must follow for the connections to be reliable.

 The caravan dealers can help in this regard. They know the specifics about connecting the solar panels using unique adaptors that they will make exclusively for your caravan.

So consultation with the local dealers is a great idea for the finalization of the installation of caravan solar panels.

Tip #4: Clean The Panels

The accumulation of dust particles, dry leaves, and other substances on the panels will reduce the ability of the solar panels to absorb maximum sunlight.

You can use microfiber and non-abrasive clothes to clean the panels. If you want to maximize the efficiency of the panels, it’s essential to keep them clean.

Tip #5: Control Voltage Drop

Voltage drops are common unless you are utilizing the panels in the best way. Use the appropriate dimensions of cables and wires. The correct length of the wires will ensure maintaining the right proportion of current intake.

The shorter and thicker wires are always good to minimize voltage drops.

Install Solar Panels With Professional Help

Complete RV Services

Last but not the least, professional help is necessary if you are planning for caravan solar panels installation. If the installation is faulty, the performance of the panels will not be up to the mark.

Discuss the requirements with the companies and find out which panels will be the right ones for your use.

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