What You Need To Know Before Go To Caravan Repair Centre?
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What You Need To Know Before Go To Caravan Repair Centre?

Deciding where to service your caravan can be a daunting task. With so many called professionals out there, making sure the one you choose is qualified, insured, and knowledgeable can be hard. On top of that, there are many things you may be able to look at yourself before engaging the services of the professionals. Below is a list of things that you need to consider before taking your van to caravan authorised service centre.

Know Your Caravan Service Schedule

The number of caravan and motorhome servicing will differ depending on age, how often you use it, and the type of van or motorhome you have. Just like a car, a standard caravan versus an off-road van will also have very different servicing requirements. As a rule of thumb, caravans should be maintained every 10,000 km or 12 months.

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What Can You Look At Beforehand?

Although you need to service your caravan or motorhome regularly there are many elements that you should inspect at home.


Do a visual check of your tyres and make sure that your wear lines are not visible. Determine if there is enough tread on all tyres. Check there are no flat spots from sitting around and also that there is no visible sun damage.

Windows, Screens, and Awnings

Check that window seals are free of dirt and grime and that they are not damaged from the elements. Also, inspect your screens for tears or any holes where bugs and mosquitoes could find their way in. Also, look at the material and seams on your caravan awnings for any signs of fatigue.


Globes don’t last forever so turn on all your lights, test the starters in your fluro lights and ensure that all work as you would expect.

All these DIY checks will also give you the information you need to pass onto the service centre when you book in.


This may be one of the things you overlook in your original assessment of a van, but if you park up for the night and want a cup of coffee only to find your kettle is broken, you won’t be laughing. Before you set off, make sure you check all your caravan accessories and appliances including the small stuff. Run your fridge and freezer and ensure that it’s working as needed. And don’t forget things like heating and air conditioning.

When Do You Call The Professionals?

Knowing when you need to call a professional is half the battle. Basically, if you see anything that doesn’t look right on your van with your visual inspection it’s time to take it to a service centre. It is not advised to try and repair things such as electrics, lighting, or seals on your own as this may cause more damage, be dangerous to yourself and others and also have a detrimental effect on your warranty.

If in doubt, give a service centre a call and ask the question. If you have a good service professional on the other end of the phone they will give you the advice you need and help you make that decision.

Finding The Right Caravan Servicing Centre

When looking for a centre to service your caravan, make sure you look at their google reviews, read any replies, and also make sure they are qualified for your brand of the caravan. If you have a warranty on your van you will need to go to an authorised repairer that uses genuine parts and has trained service technicians in that manufacturer. Don’t scrimp on good service.

There may be cheaper options out there, but what price do you place on the well being of you and your family when you’re out on the road? You are much better off paying that little bit more for superior service and knowing that nothing will go wrong on your next trip.

If you are looking fully accredited service centre, then visit Complete RV Services’ workshop located in Jamisontown, NSW or call us on 0423 384 873. You can also enquire now for your caravan servicing or repairs needs.   


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